NIMAT Program

Pathways to Brotherhood

NIMAT, Lenni Lenape, lterally: "My Brother"

New members of the Lodge leave the Ordeal feeling good and proud of themselves. But they are still tired from their Ordeal. Even after a great orientation, they still have a way to go to understand what it means to be an Arrowman. Who will answer their questions?

That’s where the NIMAT comes in.

A NIMAT is a brother who is willing to help a clan discover the meaning of the arrow…. What it means to be an Arrowman. He supports and encourages them so that they ultimately seal their membership in the Brotherhood.

What does a NIMAT do?

(1) He gets to know clan members and He calls the regularly. He makes sure they get OA questions answered. He encourages them to continue service to their troop. He makes sure they are receiving the Thunderhead and other mailings.

(2) He invites them to Chapter meetings and Lodge events. He helps them fins a ride. He makes sure they know that they are welcome and needed.

(3) He keeps a log of these activities, so he can make sure that he always covers the bases.

(4) He sets a good example by attending functions himself.

(5) He helps prepare the members for the Brotherhood ceremony. He helps them learn the obligation, the song, and the symbols. He helps them get started on their brotherhood letter.

(6) He makes sure they get to the ceremony.

(7) He is their Brother.


NIMAT pledge

Before the moon rises ten times, I will become a true Brother to my

adopted clan. I will help fill their cup with the knowledge of the

Order of the Arrow, and I will make sure that the Pathway is

clear for them to attain true Brotherhood membership.



Dedicated NIMATs who complete the required tasks log will be recognized with a special award: a NIMAT lodge flap that only they can wear.


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The Flint River Council

Ini-To Lodge is composed of Order of the Arrow members who are registered

Scouts and Scouters in the Flint River Council.

We are located in central Georgia with our council office in Griffin.