Lodge History

Chronological History of Ini-To Lodge 324  
Compiled by John S. Cochran, Jr.
(First Edition)

The Chronological History of the Ini-To Lodge (First Edition) was published in 1995 after long, tedious work by John Cochran, Jr. It is with great appreciation that we include on this website the text of that history. References to page numbers and appendix are to the published book. This history is dedicated to the loving memory of Robert (Bobby) Eubanks, Camp Thunder Ranger, 1973-1993.

         The Forties     The Fifties      The Sixties      

    The Seventies    The Eighties   

Compiled by Keith Larson

(Second Edition)

  The Nineties   The New Millenium    The Teens

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Brotherhood of Cheerful ServiceBrotherhood of Cheerful ServiceBrotherhood of Cheerful Service

The Flint River Council

Ini-To Lodge is composed of Order of the Arrow members who are registered

Scouts and Scouters in the Flint River Council.

We are located in central Georgia with our council office in Griffin.