2016 Section 9 Conclave

April 15-17, 2016 at Camp Rainy Mountain

What is Conclave?
Conclave is a fun weekend of about 1,000 Arrowmen gathered for training, and inter-lodge competition at the Section level.

Who can go? Any Arrowmen in good standing with the Ini-To lodge is eligible to attend conclave, no matter what section your lodge is part of. Join your fellow Arrowmen for a fun filled weekend at Conclave! Registration is now open for this event and will close on March 25th. The cost for the weekend is $45.00 which includes an Ini-To patch and a mystery item! We will be looking at traveling as a group, so please indicate if you are interested in that option.

Each spring, at a nearby Scout camp, the Lodges of our Section meet at an annual Conclave. For many, this is the largest Scouting function they will attend this year. Hundreds of people will be there from eleven different lodges.

The 2016 SR-9 Section Conclave will be April 15-17, hosted by Mowogo Lodge at Camp Rainey Mountain. If you bought an Ini-to Lodge Event Pass, this event is not included in that. The fee for Ini-to Lodge members will be $45 this year. After March 25th, a $20 late fee will be added by the Section. Remember, this covers your participant fee, Ini-to Conclave patch, and some top-secret bonus swag. If you want to order anything from the SR-9 Trading post, do yourself a favor and pre-order it. Some items will be pre-order only. Other items will have very limited stock on-hand at Conclave. The only way to guarantee that you get what you want is by pre-ordering it.

Conclave begins Friday evening with an opening arena show. The next morning is spent training members on a variety of topics relevant to the OA, and helpful for you as a leader in your home unit. In the afternoon, all bets are off as members take part in competitions of all sorts, and relax on the midway. The day ends with Section elections and a closing arena show.

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