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The Order of the Arrow is dedicated to cheerful service and the promotion of camping.  Ini-to Lodge #324 publishes "The Where To Go Camping Guide in Georgia" as an online service to help promote Scout camping and outdoors activities year-round.  This guide is set up to help you choose a camp or activity for your troop, pack or crew and to give you an idea of what Lawhorn Scouting Base, Pine Mountain Backcountry and other camps have to offer.





This website is intended to serve as a ready reference for Scout Leaders, Patrol Leaders, Senior Patrol Leaders, Cub Scouters, Venturers and any other Scouts in the need of knowing good camping and outdoor program areas and activities.

The information presented here is not an official method of disseminating information for the Boy Scouts of America or the Flint River Council, but is published for the sole purpose of providing information for Scouts, Scout Leaders as well as interested non-members and parents.

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You are invited to offer your suggestions on where to go camping in Georgia. 


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Ini-To Lodge is composed of Order of the Arrow members who are registered

Scouts and Scouters in the Flint River Council.

We are located in central Georgia with our council office in Griffin.